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The last letter (t) has been
designed as an upward pointing
arrow to indicate an immediate
growth in success. The upward
pointing direction symbolizes
optimism, improvement, forward
motion...delivery. In addition, it
is placed slightly higher than the
rest of the elements to convey a
sense of detachment and
reinforce the concept of growth.
It is as if it were a mathematical
formula in which the union of the
business and Zuplyit multiples
results exponentially, bringing
success and positivity.

Digital Ordering & Delivery SaaS Platform for medium and large restaurants chains.

 enables restaurants to have their own Digital Ordering & Delivery. It simplifies processes, manages Marketplaces, connects with all needed systems and injects orders into their POS, reducing costs and increasing revenues.

“It is ideal for situations in which success depends on the supply rather than on the food”

We help you to go from Master Chefs to Master Suppliers.

About Zuplyit.

Zuplyit is a cloud-based SaaS Software that boosts your business by helping you succeed in situations where success is not in the food but in the Supply. It allows the business to easily implement its own digital ordering & delivery. It increases the number of clients, purchasing frequency, purchase tickets and reduces costs of marketplaces & delivery.

Home Delivery

Zuplyit‘s Home Delivery Platform enables brands to offer Food Delivery to its customers by managing its own delivery couriers and incorporating Orders from:
  • its own Channels: Mobile App, Web and/or WhatsApp,
  • and Intermediary Food Ordering Services like Uber Eats, Just Eat and many others

Digital Ordering

Zuplyit‘s Digital Ordering Platform enables brands to offer contactless Digital Food Ordering to its customers with the ultimate channels and devices: Mobile App, Web, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. They allow customers to:
  • Eat in the Restaurant,
  • Take Away,
  • Pick up on Drive-Thru,
  • Home Delivery (covered with Zuplyit HD module)


Marketplaces & Delivery Apps:
  • Uber Eats, Just Eat, Glovo
POS systems:
  • NCR, Toshiba, WinRest
Payment Gateways:
  • Paycomet, Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Hub partners: Last mile delivery companies :
  • Wolt, Stuart

Hub Module

Zuplyit gives you the opportunity to simplify operations and increase revenues!

  • We automatically introduce your menu on all your Marketplace’s catalogues
  • We inject orders coming from Marketplaces into your POS
  • No more manual work nor tablets per marketplace in the restaurant

KPI’s Growth Module

Abandoned cart

Promotional Tools for Viral effect

Loyalty Module

Service reviews

Recommendation Engine


Multichannel Ordering

Easily enable different ordering channels (Web, App, Whatsapp, Alexa) to make sure your customers have the most convenient experience depending on the context.

Marketplaces Hub

Reduce human mistakes and costs by uploading & maintaining your menu in all Marketplaces from one single place and receive all the orders automatically into your POS.

Home Delivery Module

Save in commissions and take control of deliveries by simply enabling your own delivery service with its own riders or even by using a last mile delivery partner.

POS Integration

We integrate to your POS to receive orders & have them automatically added into your system, allowing you to select different pricing depending on order location.

KPI's Growth Module

Make sales grow with convenient tools that are aimed to provide a boost in different situations throughout ordering & promotional processes (promotional codes, etc.).

Other Integrations

Additionally, we can integrate into your ecosystem to leverage all interconnected benefits: CRMs (Sales Force), loyalty tools, payment gateways and POS Systems.
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Our Team
and Philosophy

Zuplyit‘s team is hardworking and motivated to generate innovation in Supply, reducing friction to consumers and providing new growth alternatives to brands.

The team is composed of 5 nationalities, English is our company’s language, and we have operations in Madrid with a technical back office in Bucharest.

Fun, hard work and the wheel to change the world are our power!

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Zuplyit is a software that allows you to boost your business through Ordering and Delivery. You will be able to increase your number of clients, their purchase frequency, their purchase ticket and reduce the costs of Marketplaces.