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Future algorithms for Your Food Choices


Due to technology advances, the web is becoming more and more personalised to the individual; an advert promoting the burger you ordered last week, a pop up showing you the clothes you have been browsing for months or your social media feed filled with quick easy recipes that you have been looking at for inspiration. Algorithms behind technology are both smart and powerful things, putting previous interactions at the forefront of our searches. Nowadays a data profile is made for each user, however whilst it is an effective way of advertising it is not always one hundred percent accurate, leaving the user’s goals and personal needs to not always be fully considered. So, what if we could take this one step further?

Along with current algorithms in technology creating a profile for each user, there is also increased data being gathered about human movement and health. It can be said that most humans with a mobile phone have an app installed to count their steps, with some even more advanced included the measurements of tracking sleep, heart rate, calories burnt, movement made and many more statistics. But what has not yet been considered is our goals and the effect they have on our day-to-day choices.

Increased importance on health

Nowadays there is an increased importance on health more than ever, with people concerned about being ‘the best version of themselves’ and whilst there are important movements on health and wellbeing, most of these concepts and changes do not focus on the unique person.

It is possible that in the future, as technology and data evolve more, there will be increased help for us to, not only to reach our goals, but to also improve our health too. Adding your goal into your phone or smart watch could allow algorithms to be programmed which are specific to your needs. Imagine you are planning to run a marathon and whilst your training is going well, you need help and guidance with your nutritional needs. By submitting your goals into the app and pairing it with your own induvial human measurements such as metabolic rate, blood sugar levels, activity and so on, certain foods or items on the menu are going to be promoted for you. For this example, a high carb meal with a lean protein source is much more likely to be recommended to you to replenish your energy and repair the muscle. It is possible that, whilst the app could promote home cooked meals including these ingredients, it would also be able to promote certain choices from restaurants that you would be able to order in or out for home delivery. This would allow the consumer to hit their goals whilst fitting around their busy schedule. With Zuplyit, restaurants have the ability to have their own digital ordering and delivery service allowing you to order in or take out at your ease. Therefore, sticking to your goals could not be easier.

It is impossible to predict how one’s individual body reacts to certain foods. Whilst chocolate may spark some peoples blood sugars, it may have a different effect on another’s. Hence why futuristic programmes like this would be able to act as the individual’s personal assistant, again making choices more efficient, simple, and overall healthier for the individuals mind and body. Previous research that has been conducted proves each person’s body responds to different foods and there is not one ‘healthy diet’ that fits all, but instead measuring the individual allows a more accurate perspective in order to know what works best for them based on their own lifestyle.

Healthy Goals

But whilst healthy goals are an important part of our lifestyles, enjoyment should also be considered as a key necessity. Favourite meals and foods would also be remembered within the individual’s algorithm to ensure a balanced lifestyle can be maintained. Again, making this future design completely specific to the individual as everyone has different wants and needs.

Overall, with increased technology and data collection, a smarter lifestyle is in the future. This upcoming lifestyle will not only allow us to practice efficient habits to help reach our goals, but it will also provide us with increased knowledge to maintain a balanced way of life.