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What Are New Quick Service Restaurants Keys to Success?


Quick service restaurants are just as their name describes. They are solely catered to providing the “quickest”, most efficient food services. You may also know these restaurants under the term “fast food”. They have little to no seating, and cook in short spans of time, hardly allowing the consumer time to think as they wait on their food. While they were once (and sometimes still are) viewed as only unhealthy, new trends and societal changes are calling for a wider range of fast food options. Now, you can find quick service restaurants that provide anything from fried chicken to a fruit bowl. 

There are more than a few societal changes to consider when looking at the rise in quick service restaurants. To start, the booming global population that is on a constant rise has caused shifts in both society and the service industry. We now see both males and females in the workplace, meaning less cooking, less kids, and more income. Because of this, cooking at home has dropped lower on the totem pole. With more money and less time, society has been searching for new ways to consume. People have grown to love food delivery and pick up options, leading to an increase in use of new digital channels such as the web, apps, Whatsapp, and Alexa for online ordering and delivery. 

Finding Success

Due to this rise in demand for online ordering and delivery, quick service restaurants need to adapt to be able to supply it. When thinking about methods of success, there are many aspects that affect how a quick service restaurant will succeed. Firstly, the way in which a consumer picks what they eat begins with what channel they use. Each channel (the web, apps, Whatsapp, and Alexa) has its own public, with consumers that use them loyally and consumers who are just trying them out. The key is finding your customer base and where they stand strongest, using it to your advantage when promoting and selling.

Next, and most importantly, it depends on how convenient the digital experience is for the consumer. Quick service restaurants hold the title for the “easiest” and “fastest”, so they need to be sure to retain it when diving in to a new part of the industry. Questions to consider include… Does the experience save the consumer time? Does it recognize who they are, providing benefits in browsing and pricing? Is it a “cool” experience? Overall, what does this experience provide the consumer that they can’t get eating out at a restaurant or cooking at home? Finding the right answers to these questions comes with the service’s ability to be quick, convenient, and enticing.

And lastly, it is key to consider all the different services that can be offered within the same brand. While home delivery is extremely popular, consumers might look for other quick and easy alternatives based on their schedules and availability. Whether they want to eat in, take away, or use a drive thru, all should be offered contactless, quickly, and with little to no queues. Whether one is more popular than the others or not, effective delivery of all services will only increase customer use and satisfaction.


In the end, it is extremely important to have your own personalized service for online ordering and delivery. It increases revenues, reduces costs, and boosts the satisfaction of consumers. The key is finding the methods of success that cater to each aspect of what you offer, putting you ahead of your competitors and standing out in a crowd.

With Zuplyit, quick service restaurants can provide this convenient online ordering and delivery described above. This SaaS platform for medium and large restaurant chains enables restaurants to run their own ordering and delivery systems, simplifying processes and increasing revenues. It integrates and automizes marketplaces and management, providing better service in situations such as eating in the restaurant, take away, pick up or drive thru, and home delivery. Orders would be going directly to the restaurants’ POS, eliminating operational issues and discrepancies. Zuplyit can help quick service restaurants find their keys to success in the online ordering and delivery world. It is ideal in situations such as this, in which success depends not just on the food, but on their ability to supply it.